House of Holland Top

chimed in the group dances. The floor covered all our selected looks in our theme-board. We moved to Dancing Queen, sung through Y.M.C.A, laughed about a Sam Hui favourite, and then it was cake-cutting time.

As 8 pm came around the corner, the lights dimmed onto the disco ball, just as the early arrivals crowded the photobooth. The Dj puts on Cyndi's record "girls just wanna have fun" and sangria cups decked with pink flamingo straws go high up in the air. 

Saint Laurent Dress


It was a delightful surprise when we saw Barbie's outfit resembling v's! What a wonderful customized gift for the occasion from Vive Cakes! The miniature strobe lights on a glittery marzipan disco globe was a cute touch. Once the candle went out, we filled our glasses for a quick final toast. The girls took their selfies and the boys yelled "speech". We all had a good time.

Unfortunately, our DJ was not able to turn the volume back up when two unwelcomed guest came through our doors. The POPO shut us down. 


Discothèque what-to-wear themeboard: Bold B&W Checkered head to toe | Sparkly sequin jumpsuit | Bell sleeves and flared pants | Over the top tie-dye | Matching patterned top and bottom with necktie | Psychedelic flower power prints | Bright yellow accessories | Metallic dress on wide pants | Rainbow | Full on funky jeans | Colorful stripes all the way | Bold neon patterned anything | Gradient patterned top and bottom | Bohemian Retro


Vickteerut pants

à la discothèque

The life of the party sparked from the right props: Rainbow wigs, hippie shades, colourful kick-nameplates, vintage coca-cola playback radio, black and white balloons.

The most important detail were the party favours made for our beautiful ladies. A trend originating on the Chloe aw15 runway ​onto Saint Laurent and Valentino ss16 - the slim neck scarves. An inexpensive instant fashion pop accessory available also at Topshop and Zara! Ours were a silk bering sea blue specially produced from Studio Patricia. We threw in an extra detail with a mini old-school bus charm, which could be spotted center behind the neck if worn correctly.

Cedric Charlier Skirt 

   The goal was for everyone to act silly and have fun. What better homage to the 60s then to have boys and girls giggle about in wigs, flared jeans and simply uptown funk? lily daughters goes retro à la disco, shuffling through aw15 to ss16 themes of denim, psychedelic rainbow, the bell-sleeved and flared. Discothèque was definitely enough range for our guests to be creative with their outfits. Inspiration came from the recent movie hit Man from U.N.C.L.E all the way to Saturday Night Fever.

© 2014 lily daughters


lily daughters

Dinner ended with a thank you address leading to the introduction of the fabulous Fabio, our disco dancing instructor for the night. We were all a little shy at first, but once we saw our friends dive in, we all 

December 10, 2015

Sophia Webster Chiara Heels

First Soiree At Sea

​Scarves from Studio Patricia

Photographer by Laurent Segretier