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fringe swinging in ss15

created some recent designs using Chinese inspiration. lily daughters picked and chose from their collections for a perfect CNY themeboard for your upcoming family...

...Contemporary designers like Phillip Lim,  Helmut lang,  Jason Wu,  Charlotte

Olympia, Min Lu of Ms. Min and young brands: three floor and lover the label 

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december issue



feast and gatherings. Have yourself a wonderful Golden week full of fat red packets!

The year of the snake and horse brought to the runways a flood of Asian design talents. Amongst this group are Huishan Zhang, Masha Ma, Yiqing Yin and Shiatzy Chen, who have mastered the interpretation of Chinese RTW for the young modern woman. We are truly stunned by their works in fashion. From the subtle collar detail to abstract imperial and porcelain prints, this batch of designers are instilling a trend to detach Chinese cultural wear from "costume"and into our everyday ready to wear. 


Separately, fashion maisons like shanghai tang, blanc de chine, shangxia have gradually spread through Asia aiming for international attention. Sir david tang's latest venture, tangtangtangtang, definitely another good of desire....

February 6, 2015

Kung Hei Fat Choy ! Happy Chinese New Year from lily daughters! We hope that the year of the goat will bring you all the luck for any new ventures you will pursue. Luck is a funny little thing. Although it takes no form of its own, we Chinese like to think of luck objectively, not so much like the cricket from Mulan, but more like something passed from generations down - a piece of jade.

Wearing something of heritage/cultural importance can sometimes look outdated and even costume-like, but, if worn smartly and differently, it can speak even more than a fashion statement. for us, lily daughters, we try to wear it with a dash of newness, taking on a modern interpretation with the jade bangles, the qipaos, mandarin collar, knotted buttons & silk side slits.

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