Images and Videos from Hong Kong Tatler


Palm Springs

Images and Videos from Hong Kong Tatler


LD x art week

Kristine and her mother Margaret


Images and Videos from Hong Kong Tatler

Images and Videos from Hong Kong Tatler

Most Promising Young Lady

  lily daughters x Art week

Kristine and Vickie with their Mother Margaret

Vickie and Jonathan Kwok

lily daughters

Photography by Laurent Segretier

Kristine and Friend Eugene, Vickie and Jonathan Kwok

April 10, 2016

"So i have been very grateful to have met a lot of people who have shared a lot of their creativity with me throughout this project and it has been really inspiring. it has also shown me that there is a lot more room for arts and culture in Hong Kong, because in the end, i really think that its about the people and the ideas that make this place alive, and i hope that when this project does complete that it will be a new place for inspiration and also be a catalyst for people to go out and creates even more ideas"

                                                                           - Kristine Li

© 2014 lily daughters

Kristine wears Tuille Gown by Oscar De La Renta and Vickie dressed in Emilio Pucci Chiffon Dress and Scarf. Both carrying Bottega Veneta Clutches

September 20, 2016

Images and Videos from Hong Kong Tatler

Inside the grand ballroom of the Hong Kong Tatler Ball 2016 were magnificent scenes of travel and achievements. Hong Kong society really walks the globe with around-the-world stories of success. What a way to celebrate! 

Seated at Table 1, lily daughters spent an unforgettable evening with family and dear friends. As ladies and gents in gowns and smart tuxes joined their respective tables, our heads turned left and right just like the exquisite compass card-wheel menus in front of us. The night's events began to proceed in theme of voyage.

It was a very special night for lily daughters. Courses en Courses led up to the Tatler Awards, "a coveted honour that pays tribute to individuals who have contributed significantly to society"- quoting Hong Kong Tatler. Our very own Kristine received The Most Promising Young Lady Award.

"#OOTDs aside, Li is also lauded for spearheading H Queen’s, a boundary-pushing arts and lifestyle space in the heart of Central. "The project is still not complete — there's still a lot of work to be put in before any promise is actually realised," says Li. "So, this award is a vote of confidence in me. It's very encouraging." Now thriving as the assistant general manager at her family business, Yuen Long’s Kolour Shopping Centre has seen a 40 per cent spike in customer flow under her leadership"                                                                                                                                   - Hong Kong Tatler